What is Xperience Portal?

Xperience Portal is a suite of digital products designed to fit a range of applications in brand related marketing activities. We are the technology experts, providing you with the engagement medium to connect with your audience. How you use the technology is up to you, however, we do have some pretty good ideas to get you started!

Take a look at our Products page, pick your event type and keep an eye out for our Ideas & Inspirations.

Can I change my plan?

Yes, a plan can be changed up or down at any time. However, the plan change will only be actioned at the next billing date.

What if I change my mind about a plan change?

A plan change can be reversed prior to the next billing date from the Accounts page. Once the billing date has lapsed, another plan change can be actioned however it will only take effect from the next billing date.

Can I download my invoice history?

All invoices are stored on the Accounts page under Invoices. You can download each invoice directly from here.

How do I know which plan I am on right now?

You can find your current plan on the Accounts page, under the Manage Account section. Pending plan changes are also denoted here.

What are add-ons?

Add-ons are made up of functional tools and packages for messaging. These elements can be added to any account at any time.

How do add-ons work?

Some add-ons are recurring, which means they will continue to be billed until cancelled. Recurring add-ons will be pro-rated depending on the number of days remaining in the current billing cycle. An example of a recurring add-on in Copy Event.

Others are non-recurring, which means they will stop being billing at the end of the current billing period. Non-recurring add-ons are billed fully, and the entire allocation is granted to be used within the current billing period. An example of a non-recurring add-on is a messaging package.

Can I change a user’s email address?

No. Once a user is set up, the email address is fixed. You can however remove the user from within the Users tab and add a new one.

How do I create a click2share portal?

You’ll need to contact support to do that for you. Simply send an email to support@rawideas.freshdesk.com.

UPDATE: A user interface for creating click2share portals is in development.

How do I add my own email template?

Contact support to have a new email template created. Simply send an email to support@rawideas.freshdesk.com.  

You can change the sender name and plain text once it is uploaded, but the HTML and template name is not able to be changed.

Is there any way to know who made a change to the account if it was not me?
Yes. Go to the Notes tab and you’ll find an activity log. All plan changes, add-ons and some account level information will be here.

Can I add more events to my plan?

No. We do have plans to allow event add-ons in the future, but currently you cannot add events to your plan.