Send and receive text, photos and automated conversations for instant interaction

Build your consumer database and easily re-use for future promotions. How does it work? Simple!

Users send in text or an image, whether that’s a message for a Live Screen, an answer to a competition, just a shout-out to their friends, or much more.

The data is instantly processed, shared to the appropriate experience and added to your Xperience portal data for future use.

Perfect for:

  • Live screens
  • Competitions
  • Crowd interactions
  • Posting questions to a speaker
  • Real-time voting
  • Instant feedback from participants

SMS competitions

Audi hot laps SMS competition

Make an announcement to the crowd, post a question on the big screen or pass out a puzzle as the crowd arrives – then collect the responses for an instant competition.

Intelligent automated interactions

Detect keywords and react accordingly with context-specific responses. Back and forth responses are unlimited and can be ‘conversational’.

Select a winner

Staff can manually text or email keywords to trigger an action (e.g. select the next entrant as the winner).

Audi hot laps example

Sports fans at the stadium were asked to watch a digital Audi car make laps around the stadium’s ad boards, then text in their guess at the speed the car was going.  

The instant the first correct guess came through, the winners details and guess were sent to the announcer and client.

Over 7,000 SMS sent within minutes with the winner processed within 10 seconds

Live screen

Telstra Billboard of Love – Valentine’s Day SMS promotion.
Bourke Street Telstra Discovery Store in the centre of Melbourne

Telstra Billboard of Love

A high-profile interactive experience, the Telstra Billboard of love lets would-be Valentines take their love live with their message posted to a live 26m tall digital screen.

Moderated for security, the event brings in thousands of messages every year, each with the Telstra brand.

Almost 200,000 SMS
sent for Valentine’s Day 2017

Participants could SMS two names to be displayed on the Valentine’s Day billboard on the Telstra building. They instantly received a reply SMS with a preview of the billboard. Previews included morning, midday, afternoon or night view, depending on when the participants sent the SMS.

SMS response options

  • Keyword automated responses
  • SMS recipient
  • MMS recipient
  • Automated opt-out


Ideas & inspiration

  • Guessing competition – First person to text in the correct answer
  • SMS messages to a live screen – Mother’s day, Valentine’s day, Christmas or answer to a question related to your campaign
  • Participants SMS in their nickname to be added to an image. Receive the image back by SMS and image is cast to a live screen
  • Real-time voting at your event
  • Questions for a guest speaker or someone being interviewed
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