Don’t just plan an event, create a brand experience to remember!

Xperience portal is perfect for

Product launches, pop-up markets, sports events, festivals, experiential campaigns, exhibitions, conferences, outdoor events, weddings, parties and more.

Easy integration with

SMS, MMS, eDMs, digital billboards, digital media walls and more.

How? It’s simple!

Just select which experiences you want for your event and follow the Xperience portal online management tool’s step-by-step process to create your event.

Take a look through our products, then get in touch to take your event to the next level!


Add your logo or your brand to unique user-generated content instantly and infinitely shared by users!

Lead generation

Gather data on who is using your apps and where they’re sharing for future projects.

Read more about data capture

Social media content

Amplify your campaign and brand awareness with user generated content – moderated if you you want – that can be infinitely shared via social media platforms.

We can help you to share instantly through:

  • SMS or MMS
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

With branded images that are downloadable and direct URL sharing for photo and video to selected social media platforms.

Brand engagement

Elevate you brand with fun, engaging and interactive experiences that turn your customers into advocates. User generated content is a key ingredient to organic growth on social media and can work alongside your own content strategy.

Not only can we provide you with the technology to create these memorable experiences, but we can provide useful data to help you measure your Return on Investment (ROI).

Don’t let your customer experience be an after thought at your next event. A good brand interaction is 75% more likely to be shared* – this is where we come in!

Consumers that follow a brand on social media are 77% more likely to buy from that brand than any other*.

Create brand advocates with interactive experiences

*Sourced from Sprout Social 2019 Index