Amplify experiences by broadcasting content to large format screens at your next event

Live screen with mounted iPad collection messages

Increase audience engagement with a live screen stream of text, photos, videos, SMS messages and social media posts to a branded live screen.

Make announcements, interact with participants, call for questions, whatever you like!

It’s fun, fast and with automatic blocking of inappropriate text and manual screening of incoming content, your brand is protected.

Live screen streaming hashtag content from
Facebook and Twitter

Display data from

Digital billboard streaming Valentine’s Day SMS for the
Telstra Billboard of Love campaign


  • Data collection
  • Branded content
  • Personalised text (e.g. name)
  • Social sharing
  • Participants choice of overlay
  • Branded iPad/tablet app
  • Live campaign statistics

Live Screen

Ideas & inspiration

  • Stream your photo and video booth content.
  • Stream SMS messages from participants.
  • Display a voting tally (create a custom activation today).
  • Announce contest winners in real time.
  • Update event itinerary as it happens.
  • Livestream gaming action.

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